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Wine shop Dielen – Through the years

The Beginning of a Wine Journey

In 1901, the foundation was laid for our special journey into the world of wine with the opening of a liquor store on Klaasstraat in Venlo, then run by another family. This journey took a new turn in 1959, when Joep Dielen took over the store. At the time, the assortment focused mainly on spirits and a selection of European wines. However, this focus shifted significantly when Bert Dielen joined the company in 1981 and shifted emphasis to wines.

Growth and Diversification as of 1991

A new chapter began in 1991, when Bert deepened his expertise in wines from California and Australia. Driven by his passion and vision, he traveled to the vineyards to meet the winemakers in person. This resulted in the self-importation of more than 20 vineyards starting that year, a number that grew rapidly to more than 80 wineries in the following years.

Notable Moments and Selections

Our adventure began with Caymus, followed by Spottswoode, Forman, Corison, Philip Togni and Viader. A memorable moment that same year was Bert’s visit to Harlan Estate, a then fledgling vineyard that rarely welcomed visitors. Thanks to his tenacity and a series of phone calls, Bert became one of the first people in the world to taste the wines of Harlan Estate, a vineyard that has now achieved cult status.

The Passion Continued: A Family Business in Motion

Our passion for quality wines also extends to an extensive collection of Rhone wines, with a special focus on Châteauneuf-du-Pape. For more than two decades we have imported wines from renowned houses such as Pegau, Vieux Don Jon, Clos du Pape, and Giraud. Our selection is wide and diverse, with Port, German, Austrian, Spanish, Italian, South African and French wines. We are proud of our collection of more than 4,000 wines, aimed at both the mid- and high-end. Since 2015, the third generation, Bert’s sons Guido and Rick Dielen, joined the company. Their extensive experience and knowledge gained from tasting and traveling have further strengthened our expertise. As a family-owned company, we are dedicated to importing the finest wines from around the world. With pride and passion, we celebrate our more than 120-year history and look forward to the future, sharing our love of wine for many years to come.



Alyse Dielen

Web design - Social Media

Guido Dielen

Co-owner - Warehouse & Inventory Management

Bert Dielen

Owner - procurement management

Rick Dielen

Co-owner - Sales Management

Zion van Ewijk

Chef Liqueur

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